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Shawn Heidgen
posted this on May 15, 2012 03:35 PM




Latest Garmin Device Compatibility List:

Devices using Ant Agent to download files

  • Forerunner 50
  • Forerunner 60
  • Forerunner 110
  • Forerunner 210
  • Forerunner 310XT
  • Forerunner 405
  • Forerunner 405CX
  • Forerunner 410
  • Forerunner 610
  • Forerunner 910XT
  • Garmin Swim

Devices using a docking cradle to download files

  • Forerunner 205
  • Forerunner 305

Devices using a USB cable to download files

  • Forerunner 220
  • Forerunner 620
  • Edge 205
  • Edge 305
  • Edge 500/510
  • Edge 705
  • Edge 800/810
  • Edge 1000

Please contact Garmin for specific questions about Garmin products.


Export files from Garmin Training Center:

Export files from Garmin Connect™:

    • Use the Garmin AutoSync to have your files sent into your TrainingPeaks account 
    • Garmin doesn't offer a bulk export from Garmin Connect™ but there is a third party program that will do this for you.

    •  Once you get all of your .tcx files exported you can bulk upload them by dragging them all into the main window of Device Agent.

Tips and Troubleshooting:

  • Use one-second recording; turn off Smart Recording IF possible with your device
  • Turn off auto-pause.  TrainingPeaks products are not currently compatible with this feature
  • Keep your device up do date using the Garmin Webupdater
  • How you set up your device effects how your data is collected, and often how it is reported. For more information on this device's set up, see the online owner's manual here.
  • The Garmin 301 is only compatible if it uses a USB port and will work with Device Agent by selecting Garmin Forerunner 205/305 under Devices within Device Agent.
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