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Creating a Plan to Sell (CLASSIC)

Dave Schell
posted this on September 19, 2013, 12:59 PM

Coaches can create training plans to sell through both the TrainingPeaks plan store and through a unique URL containing your professional logo.  Creating a plan to sell follows the same steps as creating a plan for internal use, just with a few extra details upfront.

1. Once you click New Plan, and you name the Plan, you will see an area with detailed specifics for your Plan.  This is where you can make the Plan public and searchable in the TrainingPeaks store. Please read below for more information on this view:

  • "Plan Name": click on the gray area to edit the name.
  • "Lookup name": this is where you can create a unique URL with your company logo. This URL can direct clients to one location where only your plans are available; no other professional plans will show up.
  • "Plan is public": click this box if you want to sell your plan.
  • "Available in Store": click this box if you want the plan to be searchable in the TrainingPeaks plan store.  Please note: if you only want to sell your plan through the Lookup Name feature, do not check this box.  However, you still need to check "Plan is Public"
  • "Event": you have the option to put a specific event for the plan
  • "Event Date": insert the date of the plan.  Please note: if you create a plan for a specific race, remember to change that date to the following year once the race has taken place.
  • "Description": put in a description of your plan.  A potential buyer will have access to this information and could use it to decide on which plan to purchase.
  • "Price": set the price for your plan here
  • "Promo Code": you have the option to enter two different promo codes, each with special prices attached
  • "Attached files": area where you can attach files to the plan that you want to deliver to the purchaser.

2.  Once you have all the details filled out, click on "Save".  Now, you  can Close the Edit window and begin creating workouts in the Plan. Please make sure that the "Current User" in the upper left corner of your Calendar view is displaying the name of the Plan. This is how you know that you are editing the Plan, and not any other client's calendar.  *Note: There is no need to click "Save" when modifying the plan itself; the plan will automatically update and save itself.

Adding your plans to your website

  1. Find your plan in the TrainingPeaks Plan store
  2. Click the plan name, right click on the "Preview" button and select "open in a new window"
  3. Grab the URL and use that in your website so people can se the plan preview
  4. For the Buy option, click on the 'Buy' button and then grab the URL for the resulting page
  5. Use this link for the Buy option on your website

Create a coupon code for a training plan

If you'd like to create a coupon code for training that you've authored, you can do so following these instructions:

1. From your plans library, click the plan you'd like to create the coupon code for

2. Click 'Edit' to open up the editing of the plan

3. Scroll down and click "Add New Coupon Code", then fill out the:

  • Code: coupon code as you'd like it. For example: "20%off"
  • Price: the price after the coupon code is applied (the % off and your profit will calculate)
  • Max available: the amount of code uses you are creating
  • Expires: check and select expiration date or leave blank for no expiration
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