Garmin Devices Using Garmin Express to Download files

Devices that use Garmin Express: Forerunner 50, 60, 70, FR running series including the 235 and 635, FR310XT, 405, 405CX, 410, 610, 910XT, 920XT, Fenix models, and the Garmin Swim

*The Garmin Forerunner models are not compatible with versions of WKO+ prior to v3.0

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Upload to

    • Plug in your usb Ant stick, turn on your Garmin Device, and transfer the files to your computer.  If you have not downloaded Garmin Express, you will need to download ( for PC or for Mac)
    • Open Garmin Express and follow the instructions to successfully pair your device to your Garmin Connect account.
    • Once you are able to sync workouts to your Garmin Connect account, you can automatically send those files to your TrainingPeaks account via the Garmin Connect™ AutoSync

Export files from Garmin Connect:

    • Use the Garmin AutoSync to have your files sent into your TrainingPeaks account 
    • Garmin doesn't offer a bulk export from Garmin Connect but there is a third party program that will send them to TrainingPeaks for you.

Tips and Troubleshooting:

  • Use one-second recording; turn off Smart Recording IF possible with your device
  • Turn off auto-pause.  TrainingPeaks products are not currently compatible with this feature
  • Keep your device up to date with Garmin Express
  • How you set up your device effects how your data is collected, and often how it is reported. For more information on this device's set up, see the online owner's manual here.
  • If your Garmin isn't already paired to Ant Agent, or your workouts are not being transferred via Ant Agent, you can view how to re-pair your Ant Agent here.  It will take a while for the Ant Agent to recognize your device and then it will transfer everything on your device to your computer. Once it has done that you should be able to find the new files.


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