How to Export from Garmin Training Center

Exporting from the Garmin Training Center:

Export Files from Garmin Training Center for upload to, or import to WKO+

To export single workouts from the PC or Mac version of Garmin Training Center (Works for ALL Garmin Fitness Devices), follow these steps:

  1. Go to Garmin's website and download the appropriate version of Garmin Training Center (GTC) using these links:

    PC: Download Garmin's Training Center, version 3.5.3 or higher, here:

    Mac: Download Garmin's Training Center here:

  2. If you already have GTC installed on your computer, go to Help > About GTC and make sure you have the most current version.  You may also choose the option to Check for Software Updates if you are connected to the internet.


  3. After you have connected your device and imported your workouts from your device, click on the History button at the top left side, then below the calendar, click on the sport, then expand the week and click on the individual workout that is to be exported out as a .tcx file.  NOTE:  If you are using a Garmin device that records multiple sports, each sport's workout must be exported out as an individual .tcx file to be compatible with TrainingPeaks and WKO+.


  4. After you have highlighted the workout, click on File > Export > Export "file name".  Another option is to Right Click on the workout and choose to Export "file name"


  5. You will then see the window pop up so that you can choose a location on your computer to Save the .tcx file, you can then click on Save.  Be sure to Save the file to an easy to find place such as your desktop or a folder that you create specifically for saving your .tcx files.


  6. Once you have exported out and saved the .tcx file on your computer, you can go to locate the file for uploading to or downloading to your WKO+


  7. Hit your 'back' button for instructions on how to upload or download your Garmin files after you have exported out the .tcx files.  

    For direct upload to or through Device Agent, CLICK HERE 
    For drag and drop import into WKO+, CLICK HERE
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