How do I Upload a workout file into TrainingPeaks or WKO?

There are several ways in which you can upload your workout files to your TrainingPeaks account.

  • Through our Device Agent software
  • Within the workout quick view window
  • By dragging and dropping the file onto your TrainingPeaks calendar


To upload workout files via Device Agent:

  1. Ensure you have the correct username selected in case you have multiple accounts in your Device Agent.
  2. Select your device from the device drop down menu.  Verify that your device is connected / plugged into your computer.
  3. Select "Open Files" to open the folder containing your workout files on your device.  Once the folder is open, select all the workouts you would like to send to Device Agent, then select "Open".
  4. Check the workouts you would like to upload to TrainingPeaks.  You can also select "All" to check all workouts.
  5. Make sure you are saving to your desired location.  You can double click on the TP logo to change the "save to" location to WKO or a disk.
  6. Once you have completed steps 1-5, you can hit "save" to send your files to your "save to" location.
  7. To clear any remaining workouts, check them and hit clear.  Note: does not clear your files from your device.
  8. If you would like to log in directly to your TrainingPeaks account from Device Agent, you can do so from the "Login" button.




To upload workout files directly to a planned workout on your TrainingPeaks calendar:

  1. Click on the workout on your calendar that you'd like to upload your workout file to.
  2. Within this workout quick view window, click the 'Upload' button towards the top right corner.
  3. A finder window will open and you can now browse your computer for this workout file. Please Note: your device will have to plugged into your computer or the workout files will have to already be present on your computer.



To upload workout files by simply dragging and dropping the device file onto your calendar, please see see this help page.


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