Device Agent

TrainingPeaks Device Agent will no longer be supported as of November 1, 2016 (read more details here).

Device Agent makes downloading from your device easy, online or offline. 

  • Save workouts to or WKO+
  • Free for Mac and PC


Free Download of Device Agent v3.0:


Free Download

Device Agent Version 3.0
Build 93; Dec 16, 2014
Windows XP, Vista, Win7, Win8/Win8.1, and Windows 10


Free Download

Device Agent Version 3.0Build 93; Dec 16, 2014
Mac OSX Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite


 Useful links:

If using Device Agent with WKO+ v3.0: Please note, when updating to a newer build of Device Agent v3.0, make sure to also check that you are on the current build number of WKO+ v3.0. Instructions on how to get the latest build for WKO+ v3.0 can be found here.


Why is Device Agent unresponsive when I try to save or upload a workout?

If Device Agent is crashing when you click Save, and the crash is of the type where DA turns grey and unresponsive, then you may have a corrupt application.dat file.  Here are the instructions to fix this issue.  Please note, these instructions are ONLY for when DA crashes on upload. 

  1. Open Device Agent and go to the File menu at the very top of your screen. Press File > View Saved Files. 
  2. Close Device Agent. 
  3. A file browser window will open. 
  4. Delete the application.dat file. 
  5. Then, open the queued folder and drag (don't copy) all of those files to your desktop. 
  6. Open Device Agent and go through the account setup process. Device Agent should now work properly. 
  7. Drag the files from your desktop to Device Agent and click save.
If you can't access the File menu in Device Agent, you can navigate to the necessary folder using a file browser. 
  • For Windows: Documents > TrainingPeaks > Device Agent 
  • For Mac: Users/*your username*/Library/TrainingPeaks/Device Agent.


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