Timex Run Trainer


Options for Using a Timex Run Trainer with TrainingPeaks Software:

*The Timex Trainerare not compatible with versions of WKO+ prior to v3.0


  • Upload to
    • Plug in the USB Cable and open the Timex Device Agent
    • With the watch on, press MODE until SYNC is displayed
    • Press HEART RATE when READY is displayed
    • Download/open files
    • Ensure the "Save To" location is the TrainingPeaks icon or WKO+ if saving to WKO
    • Click "Save"
  • Tips and Troubleshooting:
    • When downloading the Timex Device Agent, ensure that you download the file for the Run Trainer/Global Trainer GPS and NOT Race Trainer HRM
    • Make sure to update your Run Trainer's firmware
    • If your computer isn't recognizing your Run Trainer, the contacts on the clamp may be dirty or not making complete contact with the watch.
      • Clean the contact points with an eraser and attempt to connect your watch to your computer again.
      • If cleaning the contacts doesn't do the trick, the clamp may be needing a little help to make full contact with the watch.  Try holding the clamp firmly on the watch when attempting to download.  If this solves the issue, the springs in your clamp may be worn out and you may need to contact Timex support ( ) to get a hold of a new clamp.
    • If neither of those appear to be the problem, you may want to try updating your drivers just to make sure your drivers are up to date.
      • You'll need to run Windows Update from the Control Panel and check for updates, install them, then reboot if necessary.
      • Once the updates are installed you'll need to check and install again until no updates are found. Windows stacks their updates so you have to install certain ones before others.
      • If you get all the updates installed and it's still not working, please go to Control Panel > System > Device Manager and delete the device from there. Then reboot and plug your Timex in. Windows should search for the appropriate driver and load it.

Please Note: TrainingPeaks is merely the downloading software for Timex Devices; Specific hardware issues should be directed to Timex.  If you continue to have trouble, please contact Timex directly about the drivers or any hardware issues at

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