How do I create an Annual Training Plan in the ATP Wizard?

The Annual Training Plan (ATP) Wizard:

Please note, the Annual Training Plan in the Classic Site will be retired on June 3rd, 2015.  The new Annual Training Plan will be released into TrainingPeaks on June 3rd as well.  Read here for more details. 

How to use the Annual Training Plan (ATP) Wizard

Log in to your Personal Edition Premium Subscription account.

  1. Click the "ATP" icon on the left side pane to open up the ATP section.
  2. Fill out the information.  Click the "?" if you have a question on how to calculate your Annual Training Hours



      3. Enter you season goals, training objectives, level of fitness and races/events.  If you have a question on your level of fitness, click the "?".



      4. Here you will see your calculated ATP.  You can switch between the Grid View and the Graph View.  Use the "Options" drop-down to access different                 options.  

      5. You can chance the planned hours by either clicking on the hrs number in the grid view, or by clicking on the hrs. bar in the graph view.

      6. You can add Details for each week by clicking in the Details area and typing.

      7. You can also change the Strength training codes, and the focus for Swim/Bike/Run by clicking in those cells.  



     8. To edit a week in the graph view, just click on the bar.  You can drag the bar up and down to change the training hours, but to change the focus, race, or             add details you need to click on the bar.  This will bring up the screen to make changes. 



    9. When you are finished, be sure to click "Save"!

  10. In your calendar, you will see your ATP hrs populate in your week summary box between the dates specified for your ATP.


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