Building fatigue resistance strategy into training with WKO4

There are several charts in the WKO4 Chart Library that help analyze, review, and train fatigue resistance.

  • The Fatigue Resistance PD Comparison charts compare the standard power-duration (PD) curve with the PD curve of data after a select amount of work has been completed. You can compare different time ranges on these charts to look at changes in fatigue resistance over time.
  • The Fatigue Resistance Hour chart displays fatigue resistance over an hour and demonstrates percentage dropoff both visually and by percentage.
  • The Sprint Fatigue Resistance chart compares the rate of fatigue with Pmax out to 1 minute in time.

For a deeper look into fatigue resistance, view the recorded webinar below. TrainingPeaks WKO4 product leader Tim Cusick discusses different techniques for developing and improving fatigue resistance, which in turn improves performance. He defines fatigue resistance and demonstrates how to use it in your arsenal of coaching and training strategies by presenting a practical case study demonstration.

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