Athlete Mobile User Guide Android


1. Activity Feed

View past and upcoming workouts, add a workout or event, or analyze a workout.

1.1 Calendar

  1. Touch on a day to go to that day in the feed.  
  2. Touch the Month-Year dropdown menu to quickly jump to a different month or year.
  3. The bigger the white circle on the day the more TSS for that day.  Different color dots on the day represent different workout types 
  4. Tap the calendar button again to hide the calendar

1.2 Charts

Open the Charts dashboard to see charts showing trends over time:

  • Change charts by swiping left/right
  • Edit chart settings, or add a new chart, by touching the Blue Title at the top
  • Many charts support the 2 finger pinch/spread gesture to zoom/unzoom
  • Tap the chart button again to hide chart

Dashboard Settings:

  • Workout Types: Edit the default workout type(s) to be included in charts
  • Date Range: Edit the default date range used for charts

Chart Settings:

  • Tap the chart name in the list of charts to configure settings for specific charts
  • Toggle on/off

1.3 Today

Touch to go to today on the activity feed

1.4 Update Changes

Touch on the mobile app to update changes or sync changes from the website

1.5 Manage Workouts

Add/Edit/Analyze a workout by tapping on the day.

Edit:  Edit the workout including; planned, completed, TSS, add a comment, etc.

More: Complete as planned, Mark as Breakthrough, Lock, Hide, Recalculate Data, Delete

Share:  Share workout via social media

Summary: View summary information such as completed duration and distance, averages, and maximums.

Map/Graph: View a map and graph of the workout Tap and drag to highlight a section on the graph.

  • Tap the  2016-09-27_14-21-15 Lap icon to select recorded laps or peak values (power, heart rate, pace, etc)
  • Tap the  icon to switch the map, graph, and summary data layout
  • Tap  Settings icon to apply smoothing to the data channels, zoom in, or hide channels.

Laps: View information for recorded laps, either from the device or created in TrainingPeaks.

Peaks: View charts for peak power, pace, and or heart rate.

Zones: View Time in Zones data for the workout

Laps: View data for each lap

Attachments: Download any non-workout file attached to the workout


1.6 Add

Tap 2016-09-26_16-38-07 Add to add one of the following:

  1. Workout
  2. Metric
  3. Event
  4. Workout from your workout library
  5. Record Workout to record a workout with the Wahoo Fitness App

2.  Notifications

View notifications such as uploaded workout, post activity comment, or threshold notification.

3. Search calendar for past workouts

Search the titles, descriptions, and comments of past workouts.

4.  More

The following can be accessed from the left side drawer:

  • Activity Feed
  • Notifications
  • Search Workouts
  • Apps and Devices
  • Notifications: Configure notification settings
  • Refresh
  • Settings: Additional account setting for you (name, units, preferences) and your athlete (zones and metrics)


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