How to trigger a full sync of all workouts in WKO4

If you've noticed that some of your workouts in TrainingPeaks have not been downloaded to WKO4, the first thing to try is a full sync of all your workouts.

When you first connect a WKO4 athlete to a TrainingPeaks athlete and sync the two, WKO4 performs a full sync, which means it synchronizes all past and future workouts that exist in TrainingPeaks. Once this full sync is complete, subsequent syncs are performed as quick syncs, which look only 30 days into the past and 90 days into the future; any changes made in that time period will sync during a quick sync. 

If you'd like WKO4 to do another full sync for a particular athlete, here's how:

  • Open WKO4.
  • Click on the desired athlete (or your own name if you are the only user) and select the Athlete Details tab.
  • Click the "Edit" button by the TrainingPeaks Athlete field.
  • From the dropdown Athlete list, select "Do not sync."
  • Click the dropdown Athlete list again and re-select the TrainingPeaks athlete.
  • Close that window and then click the gear icon in the upper right corner of the WKO4 window and select "sync with"
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