What do I do if WKO4 crashes?

If WKO4 crashes (in other words, suddenly shuts down completely), there are a few things you can do to determine why it crashed and what, if anything, needs to be done to prevent future crashes.

Whenever a crash occurs, try these two basic steps first:

  1. Restart WKO4. Does the crash happen again?
  2. Restart your computer and open WKO4. Does the crash happen again?

The next step is to determine how and why the crash occurred. We recommend opening WKO4 and taking an immediate screenshot of the entire WKO4 window, as this will in many cases display what was on the screen prior to the crash. Then note the answers to the following diagnostic questions:

  • What exactly were you doing when it crashed? For example, what was it that you last viewed or clicked on?
  • Did the crash happen once or more than once?
  • Can you make the crash happen again by doing the same thing you did before it crashed the first time?
  • Were you working at athlete level or workout level when the crash occurred?
  • What athlete or workout were you viewing when the crash occurred?
  • Have you used Explorer/Finder to move files around within the WKO4 data folder?

There are several scenarios that can cause a crash, or even repeated crashing:

1. A faulty expression in a chart or report

If you added or changed a chart expression soon before the crash, return to that chart or report. Does the crash occur again? If so, remove that expression from the chart or report and see if that fixes the problem. 

If you've got a faulty expression and aren't sure how to build it accurately, post it in the WKO4 Power Users Facebook group or submit a help ticket for assistance.

2. A corrupt workout file

Was a new workout file imported or synced into WKO4 shortly before the crash? If so, delete that workout from WKO4 to see if that resolves the crash. If it does, the workout is likely corrupt and needs repair. 

If WKO4 is crashing repeatedly to the extent that you cannot delete the file, please submit a ticket so that we can help you delete the workout manually without further damage to your data.


If you've tried all this and WKO4 is still crashing, uninstall/delete WKO4 from your computer and install a fresh setup (click here for instructions). This will not delete any of your data, and it may solve the problem.

If you're still experiencing crashes after following these instructions and answering the questions above, please submit a ticket with all of the above information and your log file. Click here for instructions on submitting a ticket and attaching your log.

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