Can I upgrade my Athlete account to a Coach account?

No, but you can connect your athlete account to your coach account so you can view it through your coach account. 

Athlete and coach accounts in TrainingPeaks are two different things. Athlete accounts, therefore, cannot be turned into a coach account. If you already have an athlete account and want a Coach account as well you will need to create a new account with a unique username here


We can then connect your own Athlete account to your own Coach account. This way you can plan, track and analyze your own Athlete data just like you would one of your other athletes. This also simplifies things as you do not need to log in and out of two accounts.


Once you have created your Coach account, send the usernames of your 2 accounts here and we will get them connected.


In some cases we can prorate a refund on your Premium Athlete account once you have activated the Coach account by paying the license fee. Please open a ticket and we can inform you if you qualify.

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