Can I upgrade my Athlete account to a Coach account?

TrainingPeaks Athlete accounts cannot be converted to TrainingPeaks coach accounts.  However, a TrainingPeaks Athlete account can be attached to a TrainingPeaks coach account and viewed through a TrainingPeaks Coach account.

Difference between TrainingPeaks Athlete and Coach Accounts


Comparison of the TrainingPeaks Coach calendar view without (left side) and with (right side) a TrainingPeaks athlete attached.

TrainingPeaks Athlete and Coach accounts have different functions and cannot be converted. 

The primary functional difference between TrainingPeaks Athlete and Coach accounts is that TrainingPeaks Athlete accounts accept file uploads whereas a TrainingPeaks coach account cannot accept workout uploads. 

By contrast, TrainingPeaks Coach accounts can be thought of as a shell to which TrainingPeaks athlete account can attach. Without a TrainingPeaks athlete account attached, a TrainingPeaks coach account is 'empty' - there's no athlete data.   The only thing a TrainingPeaks Coaching Account can do without an athlete account attached is to create training plans. 

Consequently, TrainingPeaks Athlete accounts cannot be converted into a TrainingPeaks coach account; however, they can be attached. 

If you already have a TrainingPeaks Athlete account and want a TrainingPeaks Coach account also you will need to open a TrainingPeaks coach account trail here

Connecting your TrainingPeaks Athlete and Coach Accounts

Once you have both a TrainingPeaks Athlete and Coach account they can be connected. If you connect both accounts you can plan, track, and analyze your own Athlete account just like you would one of your other athletes. Attaching your accounts also simplifies things as you do not need to log in and out of two accounts.  

You can get your TrainingPeaks athlete account attached to your TrainingPeaks coach account two ways:

 Do It Yourself

  1. Log in to your TrainingPeaks athlete account
  2. Click your name
  3. Select “settings"
  4. Got the the “Coaches” section
  5. Enter the email associated with your TrainingPeaks coach account (if you have your own coach already then you will do this under the “shared coaches” option.
  6. Send the request to be coached
  7. Log out of your TrainingPeaks Athlete Account
  8. Log in to your TrainingPeaks coach account
  9. Open the email account associated with your TrainingPeaks coaching account
  10. Find and accept the TrainingPeaks athlete request in your email

Your TrainingPeaks athlete account is now connected to your TrainingPeaks coach account.  To view your TrainingPeaks athlete account login to your TrainingPeaks coach account.

Create a Support Request

Once you have created your Coach account, send the usernames of your 2 accounts here and we will get them connected.


Please note that attaching your TrainingPeaks athlete account counts as an attached athlete.   Why this matters:

  • If your TrainingPeaks coaching account is on the Coach Edition coaching package you can only have 4 basic TrainingPeaks athletes attached simultaneously - if your TrainingPeaks athlete account is basic you will have to: upgrade your coaching package to the Coach Edition Unlimited, upgrade your TrainingPeaks athlete account to Premium, or remove one of the other basic TrainingPeaks athletes attached to your coach account.
  • The included TrainingPeaks Premium upgrade in all TrainingPeaks coaching packages still counts if the coach uses it on their own TrainingPeaks coach account.


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