Why is my run cadence way too high in WKO4 and in TrainingPeaks?

If you're seeing extremely high cadence values in WKO4 and in TrainingPeaks for your run workouts, your device may be set to record cadence in a non-standard unit.

WKO4 expects cadence to be recorded in complete left/right rotations per minute (rpm), which in cycling is a complete revolution of the pedals and in running is a pair of steps (one left step and one right). To calculate steps per minute for running workouts, WKO4 multiplies cadence by two.

Some activity watches and tracking devices allow you to record cadence as any number of steps you choose, which can produce inaccurate numbers in WKO4 and TrainingPeaks. For example, if you choose to record cadence as each individual step (both left and right), you will end up with a cadence in WKO4 that is twice as high as the expected rotations per minute.

You can still use these atypical cadence recording units in WKO4 by creating custom charts to accommodate the way you record cadence, but WKO4's built-in calculations for cadence and steps/minute (such as those in the Right-Hand Explorer and in the default charts) will not match.

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