TrainingPeaks Daily Workout Garmin Connect IQ app

With the TrainingPeak daily workout IQ app you can easily download your planned structured workout for that day straight to your compatible Garmin device wirelessly through your phone.  Note that only structured workouts created with the Workout Builder can be synced to Garmin devices.  Swim workouts in TrainingPeaks are not compatible with Garmin devices at this time.

Getting started

To use the TrainingPeaks Daily workout app you will need to have the Garmin Connect Mobile app installed on your phone and have your compatible Garmin device paired with the Connect Mobile App.  If you already upload your completed workouts to TrainingPeaks through the Connect mobile app and the Garmin Connect Autosync then your device is already paired.  More information about pairing your Garmin device with your phone can be found here.

Once your device is paired with the Connect mobile app you will need to download the TrainingPeaks Daily Workout IQ app.  You can access the IQ app store from the Garmin Connect mobile app and sync it straight to your device.  You can also download the app from the Connect IQ store here. and install it through Garmin Express.  You can find more information about accessing and installing IQ apps here.

Once the TrainingPeaks Daily Workout IQ app is installed on your device you will need to authorize it one time to access your TrainingPeaks workouts through the Garmin Connect mobile app

Make sure the Connect Mobile app is running on your phone then tap or select the IQ icon or menu on your device to see your available IQ apps



On the next screen select the TrainingPeaks app from your list of installed IQ apps. 

The first time that you launch the Daily Workout app you will see a prompt to authorize the Garmin Connect mobile app to read your TrainingPeaks calendar.



On your phone enter your TrainingPeaks username and password to authorize the app.  If you have a coach and athlete account make sure that you are entering your athlete account username and password.




Once the app is authorized whenever you open it to see a list of that day's workouts from TrainingPeaks.  Though you only need to authorize the app once, your device needs to be paired with your phone and the Garmin Connect mobile app every time you want to sync a new workout to your device.


Select the workout that you want to download to your device.  If you only have one structured workout in TrainingPeaks that day it will automatically sync to your device.  Note that workouts that aren't built with the TrainingPeaks Workout Builder will not show in your list of workouts.


Once the workout is synced to your device you can use it immediately or it will be saved to your device to use later.



TrainingPeaks Daily Workout app FAQ and Troubleshooting

  • What devices is the TrainingPeaks Daily Workout app compatible with?
    • The Daily workout app is currently compatible with the Garmin Edge 520, 820, and 1000, the Fenix 5 series, and the Forerunner 935XT
    • The Daily Workout IQ app is not compatible with the Fenix 3, Fenix 3 HR, or the 920XT
  • Why don't I see all of my workouts from today or I'm getting a "No workouts found" message?
    • There are a few common reasons why the Daily Workout app won't show one of your workouts
      • The workout wasn't created using the Workout Builder.  If the workout only has instructions entered in the description or comments field it won't be shown in your list of workouts.  Note the workouts that use RPE as the intensity target aren't compatible at this time.
      • The TrainingPeaks workout type isn't an available activity profile on your device.  For example - the Daily Workout app on a Fenix 5 or the Forerunner 935 will display both cycling and running workouts, but the app on a compatible Edge device will only display cycling workouts
      • The workout is a swim workout.  Structured swim workouts aren't supported at this time, but we are looking to add that in the future.
  • I'm having other problems with the Daily Workout IQ app
    • Make sure that your device has the most current firmware installed.  The minimum firmware version for Garmin devices are the following
      • Firmware Versions
        Edge 520 – 11.10
        Edge 820 – 6.30
        Edge 1000 – 12.10
        Forerunner 735 – 7.20






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