Current Known issues

  • For some coaches, Last Planned Workout is not sorting properly.
  • In some cases, if an athlete or coach is interacting with a planned workout when the completed workout file syncs from the Garmin Connect Autosync the workout Quickview values won't be automatically filled in even though the file is correctly attached to the workout.  In this case, the coach and athlete may still receive a notification, but the Quickview will appear empty, but the expanded workout view will look normal.  To correct this while we work on a fix you can click "files > recalculate" in the workout Quickview.  
  • Some .fit files from some models of Lezyne cycling computers don't display correctly in TrainingPeaks. This is an issue with the way the files are formatted so a fix will come from Lezyne.
  • Some workouts will only allow for selection of laps in the expanded workout view. The is no option to select peak power, heart rate, cadence, speed, or pace.
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