TrainingPeaks Accredited Coach - Level 2

Every TrainingPeaks Accredited Coach has completed our certification process to verify their experience as a coach and their expertise using TrainingPeaks effectively to help an athlete reach their goals. 
Each TrainingPeaks Accredited Coach has accomplished the following:
Level 2 Accreditation
  • Meets all requirements of TrainingPeaks Level 1 Accreditation
  • Has been Level 1 Accreditation for at least 6 months
  • Has attended TrainingPeaks University (TPU)*
  • Has provided letters of recommendation from 2 athletes that they have coached
  • Has been personally interviewed by the TrainingPeaks Program Manager
All TrainingPeaks Accredited Coaches must maintain these requirements and renew their certification annually to be a TrainingPeaks Accredited Coach.
*TPU is an intensive 2-day training conducted by TrainingPeaks staff. At TPU, coaches also learn about, WKO, and TrainingPeaks mobile app. Each Level 2 Coach is personally trained at TPU, making them more knowledgeable in the features of TrainingPeaks that help them analyze your data, communicate with you on a regular basis, and plan your season effectively and dynamically.
If you have any questions or would like to be matched with a Level 2 TrainingPeaks coach reach out to Kevin at 
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