TrainingPeaks Accredited Coach - Level 1

Every TrainingPeaks Accredited Coach has completed our accreditation process to verify their experience as a coach and their expertise using TrainingPeaks effectively to help an athlete reach their goals. 
Each TrainingPeaks Accredited Coach has accomplished the following:
Level 1 Accreditation
  • The coach is certified through a national governing body such as USA Triathlon, British Cycling, Cycling Australia, etc.
  • Has current liability insurance
  • Has been using TrainingPeaks to coach their athletes for at least six months
  • Has completed the Level 1 Accreditation Course and received a passing grade on the exam.

All TrainingPeaks Accredited Coaches must maintain these requirements and renew their accreditation annually to be a TrainingPeaks Accredited Coach.

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