Home view for Coaches

The Home view provides coaches an easy way to get an overview of each of your Athlete Groups to see who needs immediate attention. The Home view provides a quick overview of an Athlete Group's recently updated workouts, upcoming planned workouts, recently updated metrics, threshold changes, and even if an athlete's account is expiring and needs to be upgraded.  

The Home view is organized into three sections:

  1. Compliance and alert overview 
  2. Activity Feed
  3. Expanded athlete details

Compliance and alerts

The central pane in the Home view can help you quickly determine which of your athletes may need your immediate attention


  • Colored compliance dots show how well your athlete's completed workouts for the last 7 days, or if they need to catch up on uploading or filling in workout details.  If an athlete had multiple planned workouts on a day they must all be compliant for the dot to turn green, otherwise, it will be yellow.
  • Dark gray dots on previous days indicate a workout that was completed but there was no planned duration, distance, or TSS.
  • Dark gray dots on future dates indicate if an athlete has planned workouts on that day.  
  • A white and green circle indicates an event on the calendar.
  • An eye with a slash TrainingPeaks_-_Plan_your_training__track_your_workouts_and_measure_your_progress_2.png indicates that a workout is planned but is hidden from the athlete's view.
  • Alerts indicate if an athlete may need to have their threshold settings updated or their training plan adjusted due to illness or injury.  You will also receive an alert if an athlete's self-paid Premium account is going to expire soon and they need to renew their Premium subscription or be converted to a Coach Paid Premium account.  A medal icon under alerts indicate that the athlete has set one or more new Peak Performances
  • You can navigate straight to an individual athlete's calendar or settings using the calendar and gear icon that will appear on the far right when you hover your mouse over that athlete's row.

Activity Feed

The activity feed on the right side of the Home view provides more detail about recent activity from that selected group of athletes

  • Completed workouts (including Peak Performances for that workout)
  • Workout comments
  • Threshold notifications
  • Completed metrics

You can filter the feed to show only completed workouts, workout comments, metrics, or unread items using the icons at the top of the feed.  A blue dot to the right of an item in the feed indicates that it hasn't been read yet.


Athlete Details


You can see more details about an athlete's upcoming events, goals, and Performance Management metrics (Fitness, Fatigue, Form, and Ramp rate) by clicking on an athlete's row next to their name.  Selecting an athlete in this way will also filter the activity feed to only display feed items from that athlete.  The expanded athlete section also contains a section for you to enter general notes about an athlete.  These notes are specific to your coach account and can't be seen by an athlete or any other coach.



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