How do I deactivate and install WKO4 on another computer?

Note: WKO4 will no longer be able to be activated on a new computer for Mac users as of June 1st, 2020. This will no longer be supported for PC users after July 31st, 2020.

If you need to move your WKO4 license to a new computer, or if you need to reformat your hard drive, please deactivate your WKO4 software so you do not "lose" one of your activation slots for the software.  Once you have deactivated your registration code, you will be able to register the software once again with the same registration code. 

To move your WKO4 data please refer to this article:

To Deactivate your license in WKO4 please open WKO4, in the top toolbar click WKO4 > Activate or Help > Activate on PC, and click Deactivate in the lower right.  This will free up the license for install on another computer.

Once you're ready to install please install WKO4 from the installer file downloaded from available here:

Do not move the installation as important supporting registry entries need to be installed by the installer. Moving the program files from one computer to another will result in WKO4 not functioning correctly.  Once WKO4 is reinstalled please register it by going to WKO4 > Activate on Mac or Help > Activate on PC and entering your name and registration code.  The fingerprint is provided by the software and unique to that installation.  The activation code will be retrieved from our servers and you don't need to enter anything there.


If you need another WKO4 activation allowance, please submit a support ticket with the following:

  • Username and/or email attached to the account you purchased WKO4 with
  • Activation code if you have it handy (Please provide your validation code if WKO was purchased through a third party)
  • Reason for needing another activation allowance

We will review the support ticket and if approved allow for an extra activation of your WKO software.  However, please keep in mind we only allow for one extra activation allowance a year.

For more information on the WKO4 Licensing policy, please refer to the document attached to this article. 

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