How do I transfer my WKO+ data from one computer to another?

New computer? Time to get your WKO+ fired up, but you'll need your WKO+ data from your original computer.

  1. Install and activate your WKO+ on your new computer

  2. Copy the Data folder from Documents>TrainingPeaks>WKO+ to a removable storage device such as a "thumb drive" or USB stick.
  3. With WKO+ not running, copy that data folder on the USB stick to the same location on the new computer.  Several dialog boxes will ask if you want to merge.  Say yes to all of them.
  4. When it asks about files with the same name, check the box at the bottom (circled in red below) and click Copy and Replace.
  5. When it asks if you to confirm folder replace, check the box at the bottom and select Yes.
  6. Start up WKO+ and all of your data should be replicated as it was on the old machine.





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