Upload Data from CycleOps Power Beam Pro

There are several ways to upload data stored in Power Agent from your Power Beam Pro to your TrainingPeaks account: Transfer or Export your file from the Virtual Trainer software, or upload directly from your Joule Head unit.


If you are using the CycleOps Virtual Trainer Software

FIRST: Enter your TrainingPeaks username and password in Power Agent




Then Upload directly from the Virtual Training Software

  1. End your session in the CycleOps Virtual Trainer Software
  2. Open the CycleOps Power Agent software, it will say there is an activity that has not been downloaded, download to the proper user.
  3. Once the activity is downloaded double-click it
  4. Click 'Tools', 'Share Activities, and 'Upload to TrainingPeaks.com'



Or Export A .pwx File and Upload to your TrainingPeaks account

  1. Double-click the activity you want to export
  2. Click Export
  3. Select Activity Data
  4. Choose .fit as the file type
  5. Upload to your TP account via dragging and dropping the file directly onto your training calendar.


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