Export Files from Polar WebSync

If you own one of the following Polar devices, you'll use the Polar WebSync software to export files for upload to TrainingPeaks.com

  • CS500
  • FA20
  • FT40
  • FT60
  • RCX5
  • RS300x
First, start Polar Websync. Once it opens, click the Training Computer button:
On your device, select 'Connect' and press 'Start Synchronizing' to activate sync mode. Polar Websync will show a list of found devices (listed by ID number and model). Click your Polar device in the list and let it synchronize your training files.
On the left slide, click the Training Data button to get a list of available files. Check the boxes for the files you would like to export and select 'Export Selected'.  A file dialogue box will pop up asking where to save the files.  Save them some place where you'll be able to find them later, such as your Documents folder.
Once you click Choose the files will be exported to the appropriate location where you can then upload them to TrainingPeaks.com by uploading directly to the Quick View or dragging and dropping the files on the calendar.  When uploading to the quick view, if you have a .gpx file in addition to the .hrm file and are a premium user, you can upload them both to the same workout to be automerged into one file.
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