Compatible Apps

Compatible Apps that send your workouts to your TrainingPeaks account:

Note: Our interaction with these applications is consistent across the various apps and software using our API to transfer workout data to Trainingpeaks. Any of the listed applications all use the same pathway (API) to accomplish this transfer.  If our API is not working properly, it would be reflected across all listed applications, however, if the data transfer doesn't seem to be working for a single application, please reach out to the creator of that application so they are aware their application is no longer working with our API and can reach out to us on modifying the application accordingly.

For a list of compatible devices, please see our compatible devices page.


Android Compatible Apps: 

  landscape_mixed.png  ST.png   veloC.gif




Apple Compatible Apps:


digifit logo.jpg  iBike Logo.jpg  Wahoo_logo.png




imi.jpeg   walk_Tracker_Pro.png  Run_Tracker_Pro.png  Cycle_Tracker_Pro_logo.png




Desktop/Cloud Compatible Apps & Software:

Cyclus2Logo_000.jpg    Wattbike-Logo-White1.jpg  racermatelogo.jpg


   withings logo.png  cateye logo.gif

 SRM-Mac.gif    restwise logo.gif



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