Kurt Kinetic Fit App

Options for using the Kurt Kinetic Kinetic Fit App with TrainingPeaks:

The Kurt Kinetic Fit App allows for uploading to and from TrainingPeaks directly from their software. Instructions on how to set up the sync to The Kurt Kinetic Fit App can be accessed via the blog article and help article below: 


Kurt Kinetic Blog: https://www.kurtkinetic.com/training-blog-feed/how-to-import-trainingpeaks-workouts-into-the-kinetic-fit-app


Kurt Kinetic Help Article: https://support.kurtkinetic.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005860406-How-do-I-import-my-TrainingPeaks-workouts-into-the-Fit-app- 


For specific questions regarding the functionality of the Kurt Kinetic InRide app, contact Kinetic here.

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