How to Manage Threshold Notification Options

Threshold Notifications is a feature that, when turned on, keeps you informed of when your Threshold Heart Rate, Threshold Power or Threshold Speed/Pace may have improved. 

You can select to have TrainingPeaks email you when your threshold(s) have improved and/or have TrainingPeaks auto-apply the calculated changes (with or without email notification).

Please note: that these settings are not available to coached athletes. Please contact your coach about changing these settings.

To Manage Threshold Notification Options

  1. Go to Account Settings>Zones>Threshold Notifications
  2. On: this turns on the Threshold Notification feature
  3. Notify via email: TrainingPeaks will send you an email notifying you that, based on  recent activity files, your threshold(s) have improved. We will not make any updates within your account, however.
  4. Auto-apply: This is a Premium only feature. TrainingPeaks will automatically apply a new threshold, based on recent data, to your account. You will need to update your respective training zones, if desired. For more information on how to do this, click here.



I am a coach. How do I manage my Threshold Notification Options for myself and my athletes?

  • There are multiple ways to customize your options. Click here for more information.

How does TrainingPeaks determine if my threshold has improved? 

  • We base these on proven scientific data. For details, please see this article.

I've been notified that my threshold may have improved and have updated it. How do I update my associated training zones based on this new threshold?

  • You'll need to recalculate your zones based on this threshold. Find out how to do this here

How do I know what my threshold is?

  •  Performing a field test helps you determine your threshold. This article explains more.
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