What are the abbreviations on the Map & Graph Summary?

All TrainingPeaks users have access to basic information in the Map and Graph view. However Premium Members have access to advanced analytics. Some of the terms in the red box below are likely familiar to most athletes but there may be terms and abbreviations that are new. If you are a Premium Member or considering becoming one please take a moment to read through the explanations below to learn how each of these terms can help you analyze your training and get the most out of your premium membership.



  1. Training Stress Score (TSS)

  2. Intensity Factor (IF)

  3. Normalized Power (NP)

  4. Variability Index (VI)

  5. Aerobic Decoupling (Pw:HR or Pa:HR)

  6. Efficiency Factor (EF)

  7. Velocità Ascensionale Media (VAM)

  8. Watts per Kilogram (W/kg)

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