Add an Athlete to your Coach Account

There are two ways to add an athlete to your TrainingPeaks Coach Account:

INVITE the athlete to either create a new athlete account or attach their existing account to you.

CREATE an athlete account for them.  If the athlete has an existing account it is best to NOT use this option.

Please NOTE:

  • When you create an account for an athlete the default is Premium which may subject you to additional fees.
  • When you create an athlete account, you must copy and paste the text to an external email to send to the athlete.  TrainingPeaks does not send an email to this athlete.
  • When you create an athlete account, you must 'Save & Close' to complete this account creation.

Tip: To save time use the 'Invite' option when adding new athletes.  The athlete can then choose the username of their preference and there will be less chance of any miscommunication surrounding their login credentials.



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