Coach Edition Unlimited Pricing

There is a $99 license fee to activate any Coach Edition Account. This license fee is a non-recurring charge that is paid at the time of purchase, or if an existing coach account has gone longer than 90 days without any payments or if an account is closed.


Coach Edition Unlimited:

    1. Coach Edition Unlimited is $49 per month and includes 1 free premium client and access to an unlimited number of basic clients.
    2. The $49 monthly fee is automatically pro-rated to the day, so if you were to change your billing group or coach account type any time during the month it will be accounted for.
    3. This fee will be paid on the first of each month along with any premium client fees you may have.
    4. This fee will be paid by the owner of the billing group. If you are part of a multi-member group both this fee and any premium client fees are paid for by the owner of the billing group. These charges cannot be separated.


What are the premium client fees and are there any discounts available?

  • There is a new discount schedule based on the number of premium clients paid for by the coach.

    • < 10: $9

    • 10 - 19: $8.55

    • 20 - 49: $8.10

    • 50 - 99: $7.65

    • 100+: $7.20

  • Premium client fees for all members of the billing group are paid by the owner of the billing group on the first day of each month.

  • The premium client fee discount structure begins its count after the free premium client(s) for the billing group. I.e. you must have 10 coach-paid premium clients in your billing group to receive the additional 5% discount.


For additional information, please see our FAQ here.

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