Athlete Management: Best Practices for Premium and Basic Levels

I have always had Premium athletes, what should I do with my 4 free Basic Accounts?

Basic athlete accounts can serve several purposes for a coach who typically pays for their athletes’ accounts.  

Place an athlete on ‘hold’

    • If you are paying for an athlete’s Premium account and they have decided to take a break after their last race of the season you can downgrade them to Basic so you do not incur charges during their time off while leaving them attached to you and allowing you to still check in on them.

Offer another level of service

    • Many coaches utilize this business model where their ‘Gold’ level may include a Premium account, unlimited contact, and weekly communication while the ‘bronze’ level includes a Basic account, limited contact, and monthly communication.

Find new athletes  

    • If you have an athlete who is thinking about one on one coaching but not quite ready to make the commitment you can now attach them to your account for a trial period as a basic athlete without incurring a charge and show them just what being coached by you would be like. When they decide to use your services and sign up for coaching, you can upgrade them to Premium which will free up your Basic account for your next potential customer.


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