Guidelines for Using Elevation Correction in TrainingPeaks

Use elevation correction when:

  • You have reason to suspect the elevation data your device is giving you.
  • You know you had a good GPS lock the entire time.
Do not use elevation correction when:
  • You are using a device with a barometric altimeter
  • You were riding in canyons or heavily wooded terrain or terrain with steeply changing gradients such as mountain switchbacks.
Elevation correction works by comparing your GPS track points against a database of known values.
This works great when your GPS track is very precise and the database contains the most accurate information.  In many cases the US Geological Survey data is out of date or incomplete for your area. For areas outside the United States the data can be very sparse - way too sparse to use for elevation correction.  Preview your elevation gain / loss in the elevation correction preview window before applying.  If the numbers look too good to be true - or you’ve suddenly gone into orbit - click cancel.
If you’re using one of the newer GPS devices that features GPS correction of barometric drift due to changing weather patterns (such as the Garmin 800 and 500) don’t use Elevation Correction at all.  The data from those devices is the most accurate data available.
To learn more about Elevation Correction, click here
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