Importing charts and chart packs in WKO4

WKO4 is an advanced analytical engine that allows users to chart/report any data. If someone has created a chart or report you would like to use, they can export that chart or report and send it to you to import into your own copy of WKO4. Follow these basic steps to import a new chart into WKO4. 

Importing charts and chart packs:

  • Save the chart file or compressed folder in an easily-accessed location (we suggest the desktop).
  • Open WKO4.
  • Open the Finder/Explorer folder containing the saved chart file or compressed folder.
  • Drag and drop the chart file or folder over WKO4 and release it (individual chart files will load individual charts, and zipped folders will load chart packs).
  • The chart or chart pack will open and display. If you already own the chart or chart pack, a pop-up will warn you and give you the options to proceed.
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