Basic chart navigation in WKO4

Basic chart navigation:

  • Open charts are tabbed across the top of the upper pane.
  • Click on any tab to view or modify that chart.
  • To configure any chart (including linked charts in the bottom pane of a chart pack), hover over the title tab and click the down arrow that appears to bring up the chart options menu.

How to change, export, copy, or save a chart:

You can access the chart menu by clicking the down arrow on a chart's title tab. These options are available:

  • CONFIGURE: Change or modify the main settings and data series for the chart.
  • EXPORT: Export the chart to send to a friend.
  • MAKE A COPY: Duplicate the chart to make some adjustments for a custom version.
  • COPY TO CLIPBOARD: Copy the chart image or data to the clipboard and then paste into an email or document.
  • SAVE CHART TO MY CHARTS: Save the chart to your Chart Picker library to use with other athletes or workouts. NOTE: A small dot appears beside the chart title when a chart has been created or changed but not yet saved to the library.
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