Creating ranges at the workout level in WKO4

A range is a period of time or area of interest that you would like to examine further or save for future review. At the workout level, you might want to make a range of a specific time period within a workout to better analyze the data within that time.

To create ranges at the workout level:

  • Open WKO4.
  • Navigate to your workouts by double-clicking on the desired athlete's name in the LHE (left-hand explorer).
  • Select the workout you would like to mark up.
  • Select a horizontal, lanes, or stacked chart.
  • Click on the chart and drag to the right across the area you want.
  • Release the click. At the top of the chart, there will be the word Selection displayed.

  • Click on the word Selection and then choose “Save Selection.”


  • Name your selection as you wish (for example, Buena Vista Climb) and click Close.
  • Note: you can move the selection very precisely by using the up and down arrows on the “time” dialogue if you want to refine it.

You can also create ranges by clicking the + symbol at the bottom of the RHE (right-hand explorer) and typing in specific times.

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