Setting historical FTP data in WKO4

Access your ATHLETE SETTINGS options:

  • Open WKO4.
  • Select Athlete Details from the chart/report top navigation bar.
  • Scroll up and down as needed.

 How to set FTP:

  • Scroll down in the Athlete Details page as needed.
  • Click the +/- button to add a new FTP setting or delete an FTP setting. A new FTP record will appear.
  • Click on the new FTP number to edit the FTP.
  • Click on the new date to edit the date.



 How to record historical FTP data using the Power Duration Model:

  • Load the Athlete Details Pack. This contains the mFTP chart in the lower pane, which shows FTP calculated by WKO4 over time.
  • Set the time range in the RHE (right-hand explorer) to All Workouts.
  • Make a note of the significant FTP numbers and enter them in the FTP settings in the Athlete Details top pane.

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