Installation of WKO4 (Upgrade from WKO+ 3.0)

To complete the upgrade of WKO4, you will need a copy of your WKO+ 3.0 data files:

  • If you are installing WKO4 for Mac or you are installing WKO4 for PC on a different computer than WKO 3.0 you will need to copy your WKO 3.0 data to a flash drive from the computer that has WKO 3.0 installed.  If you are installing WKO4 for PC on the same computer as WKO 3.0, you can skip to the next section
    • Navigate to your WKO+ data folder at Documents>TrainingPeaks>WKO.
    • COPY the DATA folder to a USB memory stick or another storage device of your choosing. DO NOT DELETE YOUR ORIGINAL WKO+ 3.0 FILES.


  • Download WKO4 from
  • Locate the WKO4 downloaded file in your browser and double-click to launch.
  • Review and agree to the EULA.
  • Save the installation to your computer.
  • Launch the WKO4 application; this will launch the welcome page of the install wizard.
  • Select a location where you would like to store the WKO4 applications. We recommend accepting the default location in Documents. Please note that the WKO4 application cannot be stored in online storage such as iCloud or Dropbox. Click Next to continue.
  • Customize your WKO4 application by choosing the dark or light color scheme and selecting English or metric units of measurement. Click Next to continue.
  • As a WKO3 user, select the Upgrade from Previous Version of WKO+ option and click Next.
    • If you WKO 3.0 data is saved on a flash drive - Navigate to the USB memory stick or other storage where you copied your WKO3 data folder. Once located, open it, find the cyclingpeaks.dat file inside, select that, and press Open. Click Next.
    • If WKO 3.0 is installed on the same computer then the WKO4 installer should automatically find your WKO 3.0 data location during this step and you can proceed with the setup
  • WKO4 will let you know when the initial setup is complete.
  • WKO4 will then notify you that it's importing your WKO+ data, let you know how many athletes and files it's working on, and then open. The import progress will be shown in the lower left corner. This may take some time; please be patient.  
  • If you experience a crash during import (likely due to bad data), just restart the app; it should pick up where it left off.

Once the import is complete, if you wish to link your TrainingPeaks account or TrainingPeaks coach account with an athlete in WKO4, please follow these instructions.



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