Installation of WKO4 (New Install)

Installation of WKO4 as a new install download:

  • Download WKO4 from
  • Locate the WKO4 downloaded file and double-click to launch.
  • Review and agree to EULA.
  • On a Mac, save WKO4 to your computer by dragging the WKO4 icon into your Applications folder.
  • Launch WKO4 after installation is complete.
  • Select a location where you would like to store the WKO4 applications. We recommend accepting the default location in Documents (please note that the WKO4 application cannot be stored in online storage such as iCloud or Dropbox; click here for more information). Click Next to continue.
  • Customize your WKO4 application in by choosing the dark or light color scheme and selecting metric or English measurement units. Click Next to continue.
  • As a new user, select New Install and complete your information as directed. Click Next to continue. 
  • Activate your WKO4 by entering your name and activation code as directed by the wizard.


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