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Once you've logged into your new coach account, please refer to the below resources to get started!

If you'd like additional help, please use the search function in this help center or submit a request to the TrainingPeaks Customer Success team. There is a monthly webinar available to all new TrainingPeaks coach accounts that you can sign up for HERE. Even if you are unable to attend you are encouraged to sign up as you will be sent the recorded version of this 30 minute educational webinar after the event takes place.



This brief video is intended to familiarize you with your coach account; point out the locations of different features.



Adding Your Athletes

One of the first steps with your coach account will be to add your TNT athletes. There are two options and we do recommend option 1 as it is more time-efficient for you and there is less of a chance of error setting up the athlete account. Note that when you use this option, the athlete will not show in your coach account athlete library until they click on this invite request you've sent them.


Athlete Groups

Once you've added your athletes to your coach account, a recommended next step is to create athlete groups. This is helpful to organize your athletes, which will make it easier for you to later apply and manage their training. You may want to name your athlete groups based on events, distances, or level of training.


Creating Your TNT Training Plans

As a TNT coach you would have been emailed a link(s) from your admin to accept training plans that have been shared with you.  Once you've accepted these shared plans, the next step will be to create a copy of these plans that you can use with your own athletes.

After doing this you can now either update your training plans with different workouts for your team, or you can begin using these training plans as is with your athletes (see next step- Using a Training Plan with your Athletes)

You also have the ability to change the type of training plan before you give it to your athletes. Within the training plan settings you'll find a checkbox to make the training plan dynamic. Please read more about dynamic training plans before you make this change. Be sure to note that once a training plan has been given to an athlete, the plan's designation (dynamic/standard) cannot be changed.


Using a Training Plan with your Athletes

Once you are ready to give this training plan to your athletes, you'll just need to 'apply' it to their TrainingPeaks calendar by choosing the start/end date of the training. For example if it is an event that they are training for, you'll choose to end on that date. If you have created athlete groups, you can add the training plan to the entire group rather than choose each athlete individually.


Managing a Training Plan with your Athletes

If you are unsure WHICH athletes you've applied a training plan, WHEN you've applied the training on their calendar, or need to REMOVE athletes from a training plan, you can do this within the training plan settings.


Athlete Management

As long as your athletes have verified their email for their TrainingPeaks athlete account, by default they will be sent an email each day containing their workout(s).

  • If you'd like to check whether or not an athlete has verified their email, you can access their account settings by clicking on their name in your athlete library then the settings icon on their athlete summary card. Within the athlete account setting, you'll see their email listed. Below their email will be a note if it has yet to be verified.
  • To check whether or not an athlete has their daily workout email reminders turned on, again go to that athlete's settings again and then scroll to 'Email Options.' Be sure that the box is checked for 'Send athlete planned workout daily emails' and update the time this is sent if necessary. NOTE: the athlete also has access to these same settings through their own account so they can check on this as well.

Your athletes can log their actual workout into each day's planned workout via the website or through one of the mobile applications (iOS or Android). Whether the athlete logs into the website or the mobile app they will be accessing the same account and therefore have the same workouts on their calendar. NOTE: you can also utilize the mobile app with your coach account!

If an athlete is leaving the team or it is the end of the season, you can remove them from your coach account. This is a advisable to keep things organized. If removing the athlete from your coach account is not something you want to do, then another option would be to create a new athlete group (i.e. 'Inactive') and add that athlete to this group.


Team in Training Webinar/Education Video

  • This webinar was recorded on June 8, 2015

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