How to Edit or Add Workouts to a Training Plan

If you need to edit the workouts within a training plan, here's how:

  • Load the training plan to your coach account calendar by clicking on the plan and then 'Load'
  • To add a new workout to your training plan, click the + on any day of the calendar and follow the prompts. If you would like to add a new workout to your plan from your workout library just drag and drop this workout from your library onto the day you would like to add it to.
  • To edit a workout in your training plan, click on the workout on the calendar to bring up the workout quick-view (details of the workout).



If you would like to edit the Plan Details such as the name, description, training plan mode (i.e. dynamic), category or event, here's how:

  • Click on the training plan in your library and then the gear icon (settings) on the training plan summary card.
  • Here you can also manage your plan with your attached athletes, as well as publish your plan to the TrainingPeaks store or to your own private web page.
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