How to fix power spikes and other bad data in WKO4

Click here for a video tutorial on how to fix bad data.

There are several indications that an athlete may have some bad data, including the following:

  • Very high wattages in the athlete's Mean Maximum Power Curve or Power Duration (PD) Curve
  • No phenotype displayed beside an athlete's name in the Left-Hand Explorer
  • No mFTP displayed for an athlete (only dashes instead) in the Hero Bar

Once you have determined there is bad data, let's pinpoint its location in exact workout(s).

Find your bad data.

  • At the athlete level, open the Find Power Spikes & Bad Data chart pack from the WKO4 Chart Library.

  • Because most data spikes occur within the first five seconds, this chart includes peak power numbers, and the MMP Curve is included as a child chart in the lower pane. If your data is accurate, the average of your top five peak power points should be 90-95% of your max peak power numbers. If any average is below 90-95% of the max, you probably have some bad data. This is also shown by "bumps" or spikes in the MMP Curve.

Locate each bad data point.

  • Right-click (PC) or CTRL-click (Mac) on any spikes above the dashed line (or on any bump/spike on the MMP curve in the lower pane) to show the date of the workout that contains the spike. Click on the date to navigate directly to that workout.

  • At the workout level, open the Data Spike ID and Fix Pack from the WKO4 Chart Library.
  • The chart will be automatically zoomed to the data spike. All spikes will be shown as bars on the chart; spikes over 400% of sFTP are shown in red, spikes over 300% of sFTP are shown in green, and spikes over 200% of sFTP are shown in purple. Focus on the red spikes first.
  • Click on one red bar in the upper chart pane. The spike location will be highlighted in the Sensor Data report below.

 Correct the bad data.

  • To correct the bad data point, simply double-click directly on the bad data cell in the Sensor Data report and then type in whatever data you want to insert here. 
  • Repeat the above steps for any remaining data points and spikes in the workout. It is also helpful to review the Entire Workout range for any additional spikes.

Check to see if you have cleared all the bad data.

  • Click the left arrow at the top left of the screen beside the athlete's name to navigate back to the athlete level.
  • If everything is fixed, there shouldn't be any more bad data points, your average peak power numbers should fall in the 90-95% of your max numbers, and your MMP Curve should be fairly smooth. The athlete should also now have a phenotype, Pmax, and FRC listed.
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