Main chart settings for athlete and workout charts in WKO4

Inside each chart are multiple settings that allow you to display data in different ways. These settings are the same for both athlete and workout charts.

How to access chart settings inside each chart:

  • Click on the chart you would like to view or change, either in the upper pane tab bar or on the lower pane tab bar.  
  • Hover over the title tab and click on the down arrow that appears to access the chart settings and configuration options.

Basic chart settings and what they mean:

  • TYPE: REPORT or CHART - A chart is a graphical display of numbers/data. A report displays only the numbers/data that create the chart.
  • DATA SERIES: ZOOM AND OVERLAP - This will display all the data on one chart. When multiple data series are selected, they will overlap to show the relationships between the data.
  • DATA SERIES: ZOOM AND SEPARATE - This will display data separated into individual lanes to show the specific relationship between each data series.
  • RANGES: ZOOM AND OVERLAP - This allows you to zoom in on any time range you click on in the RHE (right-hand explorer). When multiple ranges are selected, they will overlap on the chart by time.
  • RANGES: ZOOM AND SEPARATE - This separates each different time range selected into its own chart. When multiple date ranges are selected, they will be separated by time.
  • RANGES: HIGHLIGHT - This displays all the data in your history and will highlight a time range selected within the full display of data. 
  • LAYOUT: VERTICAL - This displays charts on top of each other.
  • LAYOUT: HORIZONTAL - This places charts side by side. It is useful when you have Ranges set to Zoom and Separate.


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