Chart packs and linking upper and lower panes in WKO4

A chart pack consists of a “parent” chart in the upper pane that has at least one "child" chart linked in the lower pane. The chart in the upper pane generally has a more global view of the selected data, and the linked charts in the lower pane offer a more detailed view. There are default chart packs pre-installed in WKO4, and you can choose additional ones from the Chart Exchange website. It is easy to link more charts to a pack or even create new packs. These processes work exactly the same in both the athlete and workout levels of WKO4.

How to access and navigate a chart pack:

  • Click on the desired chart tab at the top of the upper pane or load it from the chart picker.

Identifying chart packs inside the chart picker and selecting a chart pack:

  • When you click on the chart picker icon, the chart picker library will appear.
  • Chart packs are identified as having multiple layers of charts behind the chart shown.
  • Double-click on the chart pack you want.


How to link child charts to a parent chart:

  • Hover over the chart title tab and click the down arrow.
  • Click CONFIGURE.
  • Click on LINKED CHARTS in the left menu.
  • Click the + button at the bottom of the smaller window on the right to open the Chart Picker.
  • Close the configuration window when you are done linking charts.

Save the new pack:

  • To save your new chart pack, click on the parent chart title in the upper pane.
  • Click Save to Library.
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