Launching and navigating the Chart Picker in WKO4

The Chart Picker is where your library of charts is located. There are many charts inside your library, and you can find and download new charts from the Chart Library server within WKO4. When you build a new chart and save it to your library, WKO4 takes a small screenshot of the chart and place it in your chart picker for future use.

To open a new chart from the Chart Picker:

  • Click on the athlete or workout you want to view.
  • Click on the Chart Picker icon at the top left of the upper pane. If you hover over the picker icon, you can single click on the down arrow that appears and then choose Chart Library.

From here you can:

  • Access "My Charts" (the charts already downloaded to your computer) and "Chart Library" (the charts on the WKO4 server that can be downloaded to your computer).
  • SEARCH for a chart using a keyword such as PMC, Mean Max, Power Profile, etc.
  • SORT your charts by Most Used, Recently Used, and Title.
  • Scroll using your mouse or keypad to find the chart you want, then double-click on the chart to select and open it.

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