WKO4 Release Notes - Mac

WKO4 Release Notes for Mac

4.0 Build 316 (2016-Aug-26)

  • Added EDGE820 to list of Garmin models that support iLevels
  • Improved upload iLevels to Garmin devices, eliminated unnecessary updates.
  • New meanmaxfrom() and meanmaxto() functions.
  • New cumsum() functions.
  • Added rolling vo2max and fibertype functions.
  • Beta test new expression guide (work in progress).
  • New data type to enter time/duration data. For example: meanmax(power, 0:20:00)
  • Added right click menu (control-click on Mac) for RHE.
  • Navigate directly from meanmax charts by right clicking on the chart.
  • Added new buttons for maps to zoom in, zoom out, zoom fit all, zoom fit RHE selection.
  • Click and drag to pan/move maps.
  • Optimized drawing on Map tab for better speed.
  • Evaluate workout range start and end times as expressions.
  • Fixed problem converting PZI Pace and Friel Pace levels from metric to English.
  • Fixed problem automatically converting deltadistance from metric to English.
  • Fixed a problem shrinking file when using Cut or Clear the end of a workout.
  • Fixed a problem highlighting in the Sensor Data tab while dragging a workout selection.
  • Fix Sensor Data tab follows cursor movement on charts on PC.

4.0 Build 307 (2016-Jul-27)

  • Added new TTE expression.
  • Added TTE to the athlete bar.
  • Replaced the map server.
  • Fixed problem searching for the duration of FRC/FTP iLevel.
  • Fixed a problem selecting a range when using Ranges Overlap.

4.0 Build 304 (2016-Jul-1)

  • Finalize new running metrics.

4.0 Build 303 (2016-Jun-24)

  • Added some functions for running beta group.

4.0 Build 300 (2016-Jun-20)

  • Added a new metric for athlete height.
  • Shows channels on the Workout Details tab.
  • Added an option to invert the X axis in charts.
  • Improved speed of filter function so that some workout-level charts load faster.
  • Now keeps a rolling backup of .wko4athlete and .wko4home files.
  • Updated list of Garmin products.
  • Tracks files already imported per device serial number to speed up importing from Garmin devices.
  • Fixed a problem with X axis scale when units are either week or month.
  • Fixed an intermittent crash when building charts.
  • Fixed a problem importing empty files from Garmin that were not recognized as duplicates.
  • Fixed a problem updating sFTP on Garmin devices that don't support iLevels.
  • Fixed a problem calculating movingduration for some swim files.
  • Fixed a problem with training level units when using frielpace or pzipace.
  • Fixed a problem with post-workout notes while syncing.
  • Fixed a problem with application freeze while checking for duplicates during sync or import.

4.0 Build 296 (2016-Jun-02)

  • Fixed a bug setting the Y axis when configuring a chart, which lead to a crash.
  • Fixed a problem filling-in area charts.
  • Corrected the thousands separator for some regions.
  • Fixed a crash on PC related to AVG anti-virus.
  • Change to support Garmin iLevels.
  • Show pace based VI and EF for runs without power.
  • Fixed a rounding error converting a date value to a month value.


4.0 Build 287 (2016 May 16)

  • New layout for the Chart Library window.
  • Added a button to the Chart Library window to delete charts from My Charts.
  • Added stamina to the athlete bar.
  • Changed order of workout ranges in the RHE to order bests by duration, not by start time.
  • Added more peak power durations to the workout level RHE.
  • Give the option to overwrite charts when exporting them.
  • Changed the default athlete profile photo image.
  • Automatically convert between N and lbf based on preferences setting.
  • Fixed a problem syncing changes to workout time from TrainingPeaks.
  • Fixed a problem scaling the X axis when using Automatic Maximum.
  • Fixed several crashes reported by users.
  • Fixed a deadlock problem while evaluating certain expressions.
  • New form of bin(data, list) function to allow a list of cut points for custom zones.
  • New athleterange(from, to, expr) function.
  • New workoutrange(from, to, expr) function.
  • New has(string, substring) function.
  • Added variables begindate, enddate, begintime, endtime, begindistance, enddistance.

4.0 Build 280 (2016 April 29)

  • Native support to import TCX files using drag-and-drop.
  • Filter workouts by tag name using the LHE.
  • Fixed report column alignment when a row has a blank text column.
  • Fixed intermittent crash while navigating using the LHE.

4.0 Build 269 (2016 April 13)

  • Added upload for iLevels to supported Garmin devices.

4.0 Build 266 (2016 April 8)

  • Added a new Dashboard chart type.
  • Added a "Tiny" option for even smaller fonts on charts (may be useful in dashboard).
  • Default horizontal charts can now configure line type (Line or Area).
  • Import new channels "verticaloscillation" and "stancetime" from .FIT files.
  • Created shortcut names for channels per sport type. Now "power" means power for any sport type, but "bikepower" means power for only bike workouts and "runpower" means power for only run workouts. Same with "cadence", "bikecadence", "runcadence", and "rowcadence".
  • Changed athlete Hero Bar to use bikepower so run power doesn't affect PD metrics.
  • Fixed a problem aggregating bins for the bin() function at the athlete level, which sometimes would show bins out of order.
  • Fixed a problem formatting numbers with some regions that use a space as a thousands separator.

4.0 Build 260 (2016 March 16)

  • Fixed a localization problem when entering fractional values for weight on the Athlete Details tab.
  • Fixed a problem with X axis values when doing arithmetic on the bin() function.
  • Fixed a problem setting manual minimum and maximum values for Y axis scale f or % units.
  • Fixed a problem determining the total duration from some PWX files.
  • Changed validation checks for CTL and ATL constants.
  • Added a new Area chart type to the data series configuration page.
  • Fixed a problem with levelfrom() and levelto() functions that caused a crash .
  • Fixed a problem with dashed line types in Windows.
  • Fixed a web navigation problem in on the What's New tab for Mac.
  • Fixed a problem that caused the X axis to disappear sometimes after hiding a data series.
  • Fixed a problem scaling the Map tab to fit all data in the selected range.

4.0 Build 255 (2016 February 29)

  • Fixed a problem with the bin function (distribution charts) for intervals within a file.
  • Speed up importing and syncing files.
  • Fixed a problem parsing ride start times with fractional seconds in PWX file.
  • Fixed missing calculation for the VAM variable.
  • Fixed erroneous distance number after clearing distance on TrainingPeaks then syncing.
  • Fix the TSB variable to add shift, now matching the Athlete hero bar.
  • Fix problem calculating Intensity Factor for manual run workouts
  • Guess sport type for devices that use FIT_SPORT_GENERIC (Fenix).

4.0 Build 251 (2016 February 18)

  • Fixed a problem recognizing TrainingPeaks passwords with certain special characters.
  • Fix a vulnerability while checking for new updates.
  • Fixed a bug that gave false positive when checking if a workout is a duplicate.
  • Get start time for planned workouts when syncing with TrainingPeaks.
  • New feature to associate a Garmin device with an athlete. Look for check box on the Import From Device window, and also the Devices block on the Athlete Details tab.
  • Fixed memory leaks.
  • Improved speed and responsiveness.
  • Fixed crashes and improved stability.

4.0 Build 204 (2015 November 2)

  • Fixed crash loading certain workouts with invalid distance records.
  • Found and fixed some memory leaks.
  • Fixed application freeze in some circumstances when renaming a workout file.
  • Fixed a problem recognizing duplicate files created by Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • Send dropped files to WKO4 instead of the web page when dropping files on a Web chart.
  • Fixed crash when adding/editing athlete tags on the Athlete Details tab.
  • Fixed a problem where typing in an edit box on the Athlete Details would lose keyboard focus.
  • Remember the selected date range per Athlete when clicking between athletes.
  • Send anonymous usage data to help us improve WKO4. You can opt out in WKO4/Preferences.
  • Calculate power metrics for running files with a power channel.
  • Fixed crash on chart picker when you attempt to drag a chart.
  • Calculate NP for running files with power data channel.

4.0 Build 197 (2015 October 19)

  • Fixes to improve stability.
  • Fixed a problem editing post-workout notes.
  • When importing files, no longer prompts for athlete name if there is only one.
  • Fix a problem writing to the log during sync with TrainingPeaks which resulted in a crash.
  • Fixed problem displaying durations for iLevels.
  • Fixed problem showing web pages using El Capitan.
  • Update charts immediately after using Cut or Clear.

4.0 Build 193 (2015 October 15)

  • Several fixes to improve responsiveness and speed.
  • Scans data files on startup to reload changed files.
  • New chart type for showing a Web Page.
  • Now adds default charts per sport type when a new sport type is found.
  • Fixed a problem adding default athlete ranges. Created a new opton on the Athlete LHE to reset athlete ranges to default.
  • Rotate log files and delete old ones.
  • Improved responsiveness while editing historical FTP and weight metrics.
  • Fixed an issue flagging new workouts, and athletes with new workouts, using bold-face font.
  • Sort athlete names in LHE case-insensitive.
  • Fixed a problem evaluating conditional expressions which lead to incorrect binning of expressions with compound conditionals.
  • Fixed a problem with evaluating athlete date range expressions in RHE.
  • New log, ln, log10 functions.
  • New ecpower, rngp and rgrade functions.
  • New fibertype and vo2max functions.
  • Fixed incorrect placeholder text on LHE dropdown box.
  • New font size feature on chart configuration General page.

4.0 Build 175 (2015 September 4)

  • Fix problem with sync which caused duplicate pre-activity notes.
  • Fixed a crash related to calculating iLevels.
  • Permit editing athlete date ranges.
  • Fixed a problem that caused sync to freeze.
  • Resolved an issue where changing time zones would cause recalculation.

4.0 Build 173 (2015 August 27)

  • Revised iLevel names, added durations.
  • Fixed a problem calculating iLevels which caused a delay.

4.0 Build 171 (2015 August 21)

  • Added cut/copy/clear options to the range menu.
  • Added command-delete key shortcut to delete current row in Sensor Data chart.
  • Fixed problem with some expressions using data channels at the athlete level.
  • Improved responsiveness while calculating after importing/adding files.

4.0 Build 166 (2015 August 11)

  • Fixed several issues importing/syncing .pwx and .fit files.
  • Fixed a problem saving new post-activity comments.
  • Added an option to launch trainingpeaks.com from the gear menu.
  • Changed boolean operators to permit comparison to NA constant.

4.0 Build 162 (2015 August 7)

  • Fixed a problem synchronizing data from workouts without a sensor data file.
  • Fixed a problem where importing files would stop at a certain file and not continue.

4.0 Build 161 (2015 August 5)

  • Fixed problem comparing composed unicode characters.
  • Fixed a problem importing threshold pace from WKO3 incorrect.
  • Importing files from WKO3 now automatically add the athlete setup chart.
  • Importing files now updates Athlete Details page to add/remove metrics by sport type.
  • Fixed a problem with sport types when syncing basic TrainingPeaks accounts through a coaching account.
  • Fixed a problem responsible for a frequent crash.

4.0 Build 158 (2015 July 31)

  • Fixed a crash related to updating charts when navigating with the LHE or RHE.
  • Fixed a crash upading workout description and notes with incorrect encoding.
  • Changed sync for download only accounts to preserve local changes to metadata. Local changes will only be overwritten on new changes on TraingPeaks.com.

4.0 Build 156 (2015 July 29)

  • Fix an error message while syncing.

4.0 Build 155 (2015 July 27)

  • Updates to default chart packs.
  • Fix a problem with non-ascii characters in athlete name.
  • Recalculate swim and run workouts when you change historical run threshold or swim threshold.
  • Handle internet connection problems more gracefully.
  • Fix a crash exiting during TrainingPeaks sync.
  • Prevent a sync from starting while importing/upgrading.
  • Added a close button to the progress/status widget.
  • Updating calculations immediately after a sync or import.
  • Do not allow sleep while sying or importing.

4.0 Build 153 (2015 July 23)

  • Fixed problems related to syncing files with TrainingPeaks.com.
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