When I load my Joule GPS+ file from Power Agent, my laps do not match.

There are issues with the Power Agent .pwx file format that can cause some oddities in laps in TrainingPeaks,  and WKO4. To ensure accuracy in files, we suggest exporting and using the .FIT file format. Here's how:

  1. Load the activity file to Power Agent following the instructions provided by PowerTap.
  2. Save the activity.
  3. Select workout(s) you intend to transfer to WKO4.
  4. Click File>Select Export.
  5. Select Activity Data.
  6. Change the file format to export as .FIT file (please avoid the .pwx and .tcx file formats, as there are known issues with these).
  7. Export and save the .FIT file to a known location.
  8. Drag and drop into WKO4.

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