How do I Add an Assistant Coach?

To add an assistant coach to your coach account, you will each need your own TrainingPeaks Coach Edition Account.  If you or your assistant does not currently have a TrainingPeaks Coach account, you can sign up here.

Note:  Your assistant must upgrade to a paid coach account before we can attach them to your head coach account.

To add an assistant coach, please submit a support request and include:

  • The usernames for both accounts (if you or your assistant to not currently have a TrainingPeaks Coach Account, sign up here)
  • The name of who paid the $99 license fee for the assistant account
  • If the monthly billing should be combined into one bill or if it will be kept separate

License Fee

  • Each coach account has a $99 start up License Fee.  The head coach or assistant coach can pay the license fee. Whoever pays the license fee will have ownership over the account including training plans and workout libraries.

Monthly Billing

  • All TrainingPeaks Coach Accounts are billed on a monthly subscription basis.  Each account will need to subscribe to either the Coach Edition or the Coach Edition Unlimited option.
  • Billing can be combined into one group, where the Head Coach pays one bill for all assistants, or billing can be kept separate for each coach to pay their own fees.
  • In the event that a head coach and assistant coach should end their business relationship, the coach who is paying the monthly subscription on the account will have first right of refusal on all athletes attached to the account.

Sharing content with your assistant coach

  • To share training plans with your assistant coach, see this article.
  • To share workout libraries with your assistant coach, see this article.
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