How to get workout files into WKO4

WKO4 allows for multiple forms of data downloads as follows:

Syncing with TrainingPeaks accounts:

WKO4 is designed to work seamlessly with your TrainingPeaks coach or single user account.  

  • Enter username and password upon install (coaches, use your coaching account login).
  • Customize sync options for each athlete by navigating to the Athlete Details tab and editing the TrainingPeaks Athlete information (click Edit to open the options box).


Download directly from Garmin device:

  • On any computer currently running WKO4, simply plug in your Garmin device. 
  • After a few seconds, an import wizard will appear; just follow the instructions.


Drag and drop from file locations

  • You can drag and drop the following formats into WKO4:                   


  • Simply drag the desired workout file over the WKO4 window and release. This will launch an import wizard; follow instructions.




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