How to manually recalculate charts and reports in WKO4

To maintain optimum program speed, WKO4 calculates and saves data to ensure fast-loading reports and charts. If you experience a problem with charts and reports updating more slowly than expected, or with other unexpected freezes, please try the following:

Submit a Help Ticket

  • If you do experience this issue, please submit a ticket, as this will help us diagnose and fix the problem. Submit a ticket here:

To manually recalculate:

Delete Cache (Mac)

  • Close WKO4
  • Open Finder
  • Navigate to DOCUMENTS
  • DOCUMENTS>WKO4folder>athletenamefolder>CACHEfolder
  • Drag the cache folder into the trash
  • Restart WKO4
  • Allow time to recalculate reports

Delete Cache (PC)

  • Close WKO4
  • DOCUMENTS>WKO4folder>athletenamefolder>CACHEfolder
  • Delete the CACHE folder
  • Restart WKO4
  • Allow time to recalculate the reports
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