Why don't an athlete's weight, FTP, and heart rate settings in TrainingPeaks.com sync to WKO4?

In order to allow complete customization, WKO4 not only records athlete measurements, but also creates a historical, editable record of them. TrainingPeaks allows you to update FTP, measurements, and thresholds, and it calculates workouts based on current values, but it does not yet store metrics history or store the values with each workout. Therefore, these numbers cannot be synced from TrainingPeaks accounts at this time but must be input directly into WKO4, though we are in the process of enabling the syncing of these numbers.

To ensure the accuracy of your analysis, it is important to take the time to build these historical markers. Here's how to enter any measurement on any date:

  1. In the Athlete Details tab, click the > by the desired metric (weight, FTP, max heart rate, threshold heart rate, threshold cadence). A new box will appear with both a list and a chart of the recorded metrics.
  2. To add a new measurement, click the + symbol in the bottom left corner of the list. A new entry will appear at the top of the list with today's date as default.
  3. Click on the word "Today" and enter the date desired.
  4. Click on the measurement number (the previous number is copied by default) and type the accurate measurement.
  5. Press the Enter key or click out of the field. The new metric is now recorded in the list and is displayed on the chart.
  6. To delete a previously entered metric, simply select it with your mouse and then click the - symbol at the bottom left corner of the list.

Click here to view our video tutorial.

Click here for an easy way to record historical FTP with the help of the power duration model.

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